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At Suffolk Pianos we stock new pianos by Waldstein, Steinhoven, Kingsburg, Weber and Gors and Kallman. We can supply other new pianos at your request. Compare our prices to our competitors.

Just in the lovely Waldstein 115T in ebony only £2,599.


Suffolk Pianos sell a wide  range of refurbished, used upright and grand pianos – we sell pianos by  Kemble, Yamaha, Knight, Welmar and other top quality British, German and Japanese manufacturers.

Cambridge Pianos
Pianos under £1000

Suffolk Pianos have a selection of pianos under £1000 for the beginner and their parents who do not want to spend a huge amount on a piano. Look here for a beginner’s bargain piano.


We repair, repolish  & recondition pianos: contact us for a quote for either a partial or full refurbishment of your piano.

 Are you considering a cheap piano sold privately or at an auction? Please remember the following points

  • Does the piano tune to concert pitch and stay in tune for at least 6 months? if it doesn’t the resulting off key sound will put off the player.
  • Do the keys play fluidly with ease? If not there are likely to be some regulation issues with worn parts a definite possibility.
  • Are there sticking notes and jangly keys? Again there are likely to be worn parts and regulation issues.

All these issues are costly to put right which is why it is better to spend more money on a good quality piano that has had all these works done already.


Suffolk Pianos Can

  • Deliver your piano with low cost nationwide delivery service
  • Part exchange or take away your old piano
  • Refurbish your piano to whatever level you require
  • Tune your piano
  • Assess your piano
  • Buy your piano

Suffolk Pianos Have

  • A huge range of pianos, used, new & reconditioned from £400
  • Used Yamaha pianos including Yamaha U3 & U1
  • Compact pianos for those with limited space
  • Take it away interest free credit for parents & under 25s

Want a great piano but can’t afford to buy it outright?

If you are a parent you can buy a piano for your child on the

src_TIA_logo_redTake It Away Interest free scheme!

More information on this Arts Council scheme can be found here