Selling Your Piano

Selling Your Piano: Upright and Grand Pianos Bought

Selling Your Piano? Upright and Grand Pianos Bought

Selling your piano? Contact us for a quote. We will aim to provide the best possible price for your piano.

We buy a wide range of pianos including modern, traditional and grand pianos.When you email us or ring us for a quote please have to hand as much information about your piano as possible. This includes:

sell your piano

  • Name / Brand of the Piano

  • Age if known

  • Condition of the piano. Please mention any scratches or gouges in the case work

  • Any comments made by the piano tuner

  • If possible some pictures so that we can get a good look of the piano you want to sell. This would be particularly helpful if there is any damage to the case work too.

We can then provide you with a quote and hopefully we can buy your piano ! The next step is to get your piano picked up safely  and carefully. Our piano movers are skilled and experienced in piano moving. They will ensure that your piano leaves your house without damaging either the piano or your floor.

Part – Exchange


If you want to trade in your old piano for a better and younger model then we can help you. We offer part exchanges, so that you can get the upgrade you’ve always dreamed of. Visit our new and used piano pages to find what you are looking for and then contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Or you may be looking to make more space in your home by exchanging your grand piano for an upright.

This is a great way to sell your piano without having to get rid of the music in your home completely!

Get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss offers we have on part exchange.