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Yamaha Y U3 £6995


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New in a Yamaha Yu3 1998

This  Yamaha YU3 is a relatively recent model and you won’t find many for sale.
It’s one of the best uprights Yamaha have made.

Pros and cons of the Yamaha YU3?

It is based on the U3 model, so you’re getting a top-notch, full-sized upright.
It has an improved soundboard giving it better amplification and a longer sustain than standard models.
It has concert grade hammers
It’s has been made from the best materials and should last generations.
The “YU” means it’s been hand-finished for a more refined build quality

These pianos can be hard to find secondhand because of their young age
They are likely to cost around 30% more than the standard Yamaha U3
When was it produced?
The Yamaha YU3 was made in 1998.

Where was it made?
The Yamaha YU3 is made in Yamaha’s best factory in Hamamatsu, Japan, where Yamaha makes all of its top pianos, including the CFX, Yamaha’s leading concert grand piano, which sells for £140k.

Height: 131cm
Width: 153cm
Depth: 64cm

5 years guarantee
Delivery free for this piano.
Complementary matching stool for this piano.

We can supply a range of different Yamahas priced according to age.


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