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Weber modern


Weber W121 upright piano in high gloss mahogany.

This Weber is a beautifully made upright piano with clear tonality and a highly responsive action.  This piano is an ideal upright piano for beginners and more experienced pianist.

Weber pianos were a British maker who produced very good pianos. Today, Weber pianos are made by Young Chang in Korea. The pianos they made are of the highest of quality and were made to be robust and musical, reflecting their main design which was for melodic longevity, musicality, and with cabinets that are well made and aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

The tone is warm, especially in the bass, and the action firm but even. Young Chang have definitely been aiming to manufacture pianos that have a more ‘European’ sound, with Yamaha-esque brightness eschewed for warmer tones. This is most probably the legacy of Joseph Pramberger, a former vice president from Steinway & Sons and an experienced piano designer, who joined the Young Chang company in 1995. Pramberger brought many innovations to piano design, including the “Platinum Touch Action” and the patented asymmetrically tapered soundboard.
Piano Dimensions - Height: 121cm / Width: 150.4cm / Depth: 60cm


Features found in this Weber upright piano

  • High gloss mahogany cabinet
  • Solid spruce soundboard
  • Stylish design
  • Responsive action
  • Middle pedal for quiet time practice
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