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Reid-Sohn SU 121 Piano


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Lovely Reid Sohn SU 121  in  mid oak finish. This piano has been refurbished in our workshops – the refurbishment includes refinishing parts of the case, refacing hammers,  toning regulation and tuning to concert pitch.

The Reid Sohn story began with J.Reid pianos, a company that started supplying pianos in 1928. The company grew and decided to have their own line of pianos manufactured.

Today, Reid Sohn pianos are manufactured by Samick pianos, a huge piano manufacturer in Indonesia who have been building pianos for 50 years. This has taken place under the careful supervision of world respected piano technician, Klaus Fenner. Fenner co-developed the Imperial German scale keyboard which appears on all Reid Sohn pianos.

Quality spruce and air-dried maple are combined with tempered, nickel-plated pins, German hammer felt and laminated German pin blocks. This combination of Indonesian manufacturing and German engineering has produced affordable pianos that hold their weight when it comes to tone and touch. Reid Sohn pianos have also been commended by the piano industry, when they won the Music Industry Association award in 2002 and 2003 for their RS112RI traditional upright piano.

Dimensions 121 tall

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