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Kemble Concerto Silent


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This is a used piano in as new condition.

Kemble’s Concerto piano is mid-sized (114cm) and inspired by their best selling 124cm Conservatoire model. It has beautifully rounded edges and profiles and the subtle use of brass further enhances the visual experience. If space is an issue then this smaller piano could be the answer; it is also surprisingly affordable.

The previous Silent System allowed players to ‘switch off’ the audible acoustic sound on their pianos; a sample/synthesized sound would then be heard through headphones or connected speakers/PA, making it ideal for late night practice, studio and stage use.

The new SG Silent technology takes the Silent system several steps further, vastly improving the piano sound, adding additional instrument sounds (such as harpsichord, organ and strings) and offering an easy to use recording system.

Voices can be layered with each other and/or with the acoustic piano’s own sound and powerful features such as Dynamic Damper Effect (DDE) and several reverb types add to the realism.

– USB To Device Connection (for USB memory)
– AUX IN/OUT via 3.5mm stereo jack
– Headphone Out x2 (via 1/4″ TRS jack)


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