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Calisia modern compact


A really nice modern compact piano by Galisia. This piano is in our spring sale so grab a bargain!


The Calisia pianos come from a very long history of piano manufacturing in Poland. The name comes from Kalisz the piano-making centre of Poland. Here is a snippet of the history of this famous manufacturer.

The Calisia piano factory continues old traditions. The last of the Fibigers, Gustaw Arnold III, became a director after the war, and since 1953 a general constructor of the factory once belonging to his family. He designed most piano and upright piano models. It was his initiative to create a Technical School of Building Pianos which prepared trained staff for the needs of the factory. Fibiger lectured there and from 1955 to 1964 he was a director. Now the production reaches several thousand instruments per year (the total production of Calisia has already exceeded 100,000 pianos and upright pianos). The factory is one of the two piano producers in Poland (the other one is in Legnica). Kalisz is still the capital of the Polish piano industry.


The Fibiger factory received the following awards at exhibitions: silver medal – Warsaw 1885; gold medal – 1890; Grand Prix – Paris and London 1906; grand gold medals – Paris 1906, London 1907, Czestochowa 1909, Rostov on Don 1911, Stavropol 1911, Kishinev 1912, Vilnius 1928, Katowice 1928, Poznan 1929; gold state medal – Poznan 1929; grand gold medal – Vilnius 1930; grand gold award – Warsaw 1932. Enthusiastic praise came from pianists J. Wieniawski, I. Friman, A. Michalowski, A. Rubinstein, M. Wasowska, K. Jaczynowska, E. Petri, and J. Turczyiiski. The factory specialised also in instruments of style, made mainly to order, according to the catalogue. A grand piano of style 148 cm long was sent in 1939 to the world exhibition in New York. Many instruments of Fibiger survived in private and musical collections like those of M. Poznan, such as a grand Louis XVI from about 1926.


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