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Altas Piano Re-Polished and Restored


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Japanese quality piano. Repolished and restored. Comparable to a Yamaha U3  being slightly taller than a U3 at 133 cms.

Atlas Piano is one of the top piano manufacturer in Japan.  Atlas pianos are comparable to Yamaha and Kawai pianos.

Atlas (Founded in 1943) is only slightly younger than Yamaha (Founded in 1900) and Kawai (Founded in 1927).

There are also similarities  with Yamaha and Kawai. Atlas hand make their piano in the same city as Yamaha and Kawai founding city – Hamamatsu.

Atlas’s Awards

Obtained J.I.S (Japanese Industrial Standard) before any other company.
First at being appointed official piano for performance by the Japan higher institution of music (Japan National Music University).
First in Japan to receive the prestigious U.S. seal.
Japanese Ministry of Education has also appointed Atlas’s piano to be used in education of music. Through this, Atlas once earned the nickname of ‘Piano for Education’.
Atlas commitment in development convinced Shizimoka School of Acoustic and the Tokyo Conservatory of Music to work together in the research on piano tone and acceptability.
Across Atlas business history, more than 40 types of upright and grand pianos has been developed. They met the demands of Japanese teaching and performing’s requirements & standards and other musical entities in other countries as well. Currently, Atlas exports to over 50 countries and is recognized as one of the top brands in the world of quality and excellence in both craft and sound.

Atlas’s Piano Features
Atlas’s piano is designed to have a very high quality. The sound that they produced have a very deep bass.  They have features that  high grade pianists are looking for – highly responsive and accurate.


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