Rosler £1750

Rosler £1750

About This Piano

Modern shiny black piano  which has been totally refurbished in our workshop.

A superb quality compact upright piano made  in Czechoslovakia by the renowned Petrof company. Refurbished inside, this is a great sounding piano – great for beginners and intermediate players, or indeed advanced pianists with limited space.

Video demo available on request!

Tone and tuning: It has a big and rounded tone with great balance between brightness and warmth, and a big dynamic range. The tone in the bass is very good for a small upright. It has just been tuned to concert pitch (A=440).

Keyboard and action: The full 88 note keyboard is now in as new condition  as all the felts have been replaced and the action has just been regulated so plays smoothly across the whole keyboard.

Hammers and strings: The hammers have been refaced and refurbished. The strings were found to not need replacing.

Sound board: Excellent condition, no cracks or splits