Knight K10 £1795

Knight K10 £1795

About This Piano

We love Knight pianos. Here is why:Knights were a highly respected British piano maker, born and bred in Essex! Best between about 1960 and 1985; They were the only make of piano in Steinway Hall alongside Steinway. They have a rich warm tone, refined firm touch and are extremely stable with central heating.  If you are looking for a small upright piano, then a Knight is an excellent choice.

We usually have several Knight uprights in stock.

NB some Knight pianos don’t stand flush against the wall as the back castors are on a piece of wood offset behind the piano. This is in order to make the piano more stable as they have a very heavy frame. This wood protrudes about 2 inches at the back.

Here we have an absolutely stunning Knight K10 with an exceptional tone even for a Knight. Case work is also in as new condition.