Chappell £1799

Chappell £1799

About This Piano

Beautiful Chappell circa 1989  in  dark mahogany. This piano is in as new condition.In this period Chappell pianos were made by Kemble.

Chappell Pianos
Chappell’s was founded in 1811 by Samuel Chappell, Francis Tatton Latour, and John Baptist Cramer.

In the early 1820s Chappell’s were awarded the Royal Warrant. In 1840 Chappell’s started producing their own pianos. They opened a factory in Phoenix Street, Soho, and after a short time Chappell pianos grew in popularity so they moved to their new factory at Chalk Farm. The Chalk Farm factory has been enlarged many times.

One of the nicest tributes came from Richard Strauss:

“Dear Sirs, I consider the tone of a remarkable sweet and sympathetic quality, and of musical sustaining power, and the touch is very responsive and light. Having always been used to pianos of German make, it was a great and agreeable surprise to me to find such a perfect instrument of English manufacture. Yours, Richard Strauss.”

In 1901 Chappell Piano Co. Ltd. was incorporated as separate company from the music publishing side, and in 1922 production for grands and uprights reached one hundred a week.

In 1929 Chappell went into an expansion mode, acquiring Allison Pianos; later that year they bought Collard & Collard. As if this was not enough in 1938 they acquired John Strohmenger & Sons. Half of Chappell’s production was for export.

Chappell’s took out four patents:

14th April 1904 5684 Improvements in music supports for pianos and like
7th July 1919 129419 Improvements in or relation to piano actions
28th July 1921 166764 Improvements in or relation to upright pianos, organs or the like
7th Feb 1924 210694 Improvements in or relation to grand pianos
The Chappell’s shop of Bond Street is still trading in music and pianos today. The pianos were made by Kemble until the 1st April 2000 at their factory in Buckinghamshire. Warner Brothers hold the sole rights to the name “Chappell” so we will see who they lease the name to in 2006. In November 2006, Chappell of Bond Street relocated from its home of 195 years in Bond Street to 152-160 Wardour Street, in the heart of Soho the Grade II listed Novello building..