Piano Rental

Piano Rental

Piano rental is the most cost effective way to own a piano, which meets your needs in terms of budget and quality and gives you the opportunity to see if it is something that you or your children wish to continue in the long term, without making a financial commitment. Piano rental enables you to have a piano in your home for all the family to enjoy and learn if the piano is the right instrument for you before buying a piano.

Why rent a piano from Suffolk Pianos?

The advantages in renting a piano are:

• A safe bet compared to buying a piano on one of the auction sites – we have tuned, regulated and toned your pianos as well as replaced any parts which are worn out.

• When you are not sure if your child is going to stick at it! Piano rental is a great way to try before you buy.

•We are responsible for ensuring that the piano is in good working order

• Rental fees are very reasonable – this is an affordable option with little capital outlay

• Flexible- if you decide to buy you can or if you decide you want a better piano there is still an option to p/ex taking off some of the hire fees.

• A large range of quality second-hand instruments for hire and to buy

• Flexible

• Initial payments from just 1 month’s hire fees and transport charges

• Try the piano for as long as you wish

• No obligation to purchase the instrument

• No hidden charges or deposits

• Students can get started with minimal outlay

• Attractive Option to Purchase Scheme

• Option rebate is transferrable to another piano

How much does it cost

Prices for renting a piano start from as little as £80.00 per month.

Piano Rental fees are payable initially in advance for the first 1 month for secondhand pianos, and for the first 6 months on selected new pianos.

Thereafter rental fees are to be paid by monthly Standing Order.

We do not require a deposit, just the hire fees and the transport charges, and we do not force you to have your piano tuned (though it is highly recommended to ensure pleasure is gained from playing). We will reocmmend a local tuner who normally charges around £50-60 a tuning and it is recommended that the piano should be tuned every 6 months.

Piano hire enables you to have a quality piano delivered to your home for all the family to enjoy and to learn if the piano is the right instrument for you or your children before buying a piano

What are the delivery charges

• Local delivery of upright up to 30 min distance is £80

• Delivery up to one hour is £10 extra and up to 1.30 hours is £30 extra

• All of the above is provided there are no stairs. Charges involving stairs are calculated at the time of hiring, but they are not exorbitant.

What is the contract period ?

Our minimum (payable) period for a long term hire is 4 months, with the piano hire fees and the delivery and collection charges payable in advance and by Standing Order. This is a rollover contract, and you will be invoiced in advance for subsequent periods after the initial contract period has finished.

Can I buy the piano ?

• We offer an Option to Purchase Scheme whereby a percentage of the hire fees you have paid can be offset against buying either the piano you are hiring, or any other piano. The maximum rebate will be equivalent to 4 month’s hire fees.

• These deductions will be made from the original purchase price quoted at the commencement of hiring.

• The amount of the offset refund for another piano will also take into account any damage the piano you are returning has incurred during your house.


Customer hires a piano for 12 months @ £60 a month plus transport charges of £90, max offset is £330 if bought at end of 12 months hire.

Hire Fee Calculations

The grid below shows the basic calculations for hiring different types of pianos. The transport charges for delivery and collection (charged in advance together) have been calculated for a ground floor delivery within an hours radius. Where stairs are involved these are charged at an additional £60.00. The prices shown are for guideline purposes, and will vary according to the instrument you select. These calculations are based on hiring a Secondhand Piano where 4 month’s hire fees are payable together with the total transport charges in advance.




Max offset against purchase
Secondhand small upright £60 £90 £150 £330
Better quality small upright £100 £90 £190 £490
Larger quality upright (eg Yamaha U3) £180 £90 £270 £810
Baby grand £250 £150 £400 £1150