Suffolk Pianos

Established for over 25 years. We now have over 50 used and new pianos in stock including probably the largest selection of used pianos under £1000 in East Anglia. Our prices reflect our location – you will often find the equivalent piano at more than a third the cost in London or Cambridge for instance.



We buy the best quality pianos – with names like Bechstein, Welmar, Knight, Daneman and Yamaha you can’t go wrong. We will ensure that the piano we are buying is basically sound before we agree to purchase any secondhand instrument.
The piano is brought into our workshop, stripped right down and lovingly refurbished. here are some of the refurbishment works that can be done to our pianos depending on what is required.


  • Restore the soundboard and bridges
  • New strings and pins where appropriate and necessary
  • Restore or rebuild the action or complete replacement including new tapes, new springs, felts etc
  • Restore keyboard
  • Ivory Repairs and Cleaning or key cover replacement
  • Restore damper assembly or replace
  • Tune to pitch, stretch strings and fine tune to A-440
  • Extensively regulate the touch and damping
  • Restore the pedal assembly
  • On site Polyester Finish Repairs
  • Toning and Voicing
  • Repairing Broken or Damaged Piano Castor Wheels
  • Fitting New Castors


 The end result is a piano that is good to go for another 20 – 40 years.


There is a real joy in bringing out the best in a piano and that is what we do. Sometimes the tone of a piano that has been newly repaired, regulated, tweaked and tuned is so great in comparison to its original state even our technicians are surprised. This means that we can guarantee our pianos with confidence.


Our Promises


Suffolk Pianos caters for all your piano needs.  From the transportation and tuning to the polishing, repairing, regulation and renovation  of your piano, we provide a long-established, specialist service that has been at the core of our business for 30 years.




Our purpose built showroom is situated in a lovely countryside location with a local bistro pub for the weary traveler. We have a large car park with free parking, perfect for deliveries or pick ups. The entire showroom is suitable for wheel chair users and we also have a disabled toilet at the front of the shop.


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