20 Sep Brinsmead £450

Reduced! Lovely traditional piano by famous English manufacturers John Brinsmead. Built in the 1920s this  pianos was built to last. According to other sources  Brinsmead were an innovative firm, with  Grands and uprights from about 1900 being  made with great integrity. This piano has had the 'workshop...

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20 Sep Knight £1550

Here we have a Knight piano in golden oak finish and art deco styling. This piano is a joy to play and would look fabulous in a living room with oak or light wood furniture. We love Knight pianos. Here is why:Knights were a highly respected British...

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17 Aug Danemann £950

This is a very pretty  older Danemann which has been completely refurbished, including new strings, pins and hammers  several years ago. We regulated and tuned this  to concert pitch and are now very happy to present a lovely piano which will need very little spending on it in the coming...

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04 Aug Feurich 122 Universal £4,500

Feurich 122 “Universal” Upright Piano 10 Years Warranty (when you register your purchase with Feurich) Free delivery (Ground floor, withn 50 miles radius) Tuned, voiced & regulated before delivery First in-home tuning free of charge Piano has been voiced by German Piano Technician Carsten Shultz Expertly Tuned, Regulated & Voiced Before Delivery Before...

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