21 Jan Broadwood £1650

Refurbished Broadwood. This piano was refurbished by its previous owner to include new strings, pins and hammers as well as a re-polished case. Hence this piano is quite a bargain, given the  high prices of Broadwoods these days - without any kind of refurbishment! If you...

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21 Jan Petrof £1750

Petrof piano in satin walnut. The piano has a lovely warm tone. Petrof Pianos are made in the Czech Republic The Petrof piano factory was founded in 1864 by Antonin Petrof in Hradec Králové, an old, historic town 100 kilometers east of Prague, in the present Czech...

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03 Jan Beginners traditional piano £595

Good looking piano in  dark mahogany, all notes play  tuned to concert pitch - what not to like about your bargain beginners piano! At one point this has had a total repolish and we have updated the action so it now works as it should....

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06 Dec Weber £995

Lovely Weber small upright piano in gloss mahogany. The piano is overall very pleasing but there are one or two imperfections in the case - hence the price! These pianos normally sell at around £1,500 so grab a bargain....

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