20 Apr Carlmann £1695

A very nice piano by Carlmann in ebony gloss. Very good condition all round and manufactured by the Perzina piano company who are considered to be a very good quality maker of fine modern pianos....

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20 Apr Gerh. Steinberg £1995

An as new quality piano in ebony gloss. This piano is only 5 years old and it shows! it has a great tone and touch and being quite compact suitable for the modern home. Grab a bargain - why  buy new when you can buy...

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Beautiful 5ft 7in Grand Piano

20 Apr Beautiful Grand Piano £POA

Just in an absolutely fabulous and unusual Grand Piano in ebony gloss. The piano has the name Bernard Steiner on it and was manufactured in Korea. The length of the piano is 5ft 7 ins and therefore is just the right size to give a really fantastic...

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chappell mahog

31 Mar Chappell £1799

Beautiful Chappell circa 1989  in  dark mahogany. This piano is in as new condition.In this period Chappell pianos were made by Kemble. Chappell Pianos Chappell's was founded in 1811 by Samuel Chappell, Francis Tatton Latour, and John Baptist Cramer. In the early 1820s Chappell's were awarded the Royal...

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30 Mar Knight £1595

Unusual Knight piano with art deco styling. Refurbished and regulated in our workshops. Knight Pianos Alfred Knight, Ltd. was founded by Alfred E. Knight in 1935 in Essex. Knight was a highly respected British manufacturer, and Knight uprights were the only other make of piano in Steinway Hall...

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30 Mar Broadwood £1695

Beautiful refurbished Broadwood. We have brought this piano upto a lovely playing standard and as you can see in the picture is is a stunning piece of furniture too! Here is some background on Broadwood pianos:   John Broadwood & Sons are the oldest English piano manufacturers still...

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30 Mar Petrof £1750

Lovely Modern Petrof in mahogany. This piano is in very good condition and has been regulated and tuned. Petrof is a Czech piano manufacturer. It is the leading European piano manufacturer, exporting to more than 60 countries. The company was founded in 1864 in Hradec Králové, Czech...

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