21 Jan Broadwood £1650

Refurbished Broadwood. This piano was refurbished by its previous owner to include new strings, pins and hammers as well as a re-polished case. Hence this piano is quite a bargain, given the  high prices of Broadwoods these days - without any kind of refurbishment! If you...

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21 Jan Petrof £1750

Petrof piano in satin walnut. The piano has a lovely warm tone. Petrof Pianos are made in the Czech Republic The Petrof piano factory was founded in 1864 by Antonin Petrof in Hradec Králové, an old, historic town 100 kilometers east of Prague, in the present Czech...

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29 Nov Pearl River UP 125 M £1995

Fabulous piano by Pearl River, the larges piano company in the world. Black Gloss, excellent condition. A professional instrument designed for those who demand the highest standards of tone, touch and durability. The larger soundboard surface area produces a tone comparable to that of smaller...

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29 Nov Irmler £2,500

Fabulous Irmler model 118M by Bluthner piano in high gloss mahogany. Fantastic condition - save  thousands on a new Irmler. Designed by Bluthner, Irmler pianos have carefully selected materials, high quality workmanship and use modern technologies to create good quality pianos at reasonable prices. From the handcrafted ‘Europe’...

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16 Nov Weber Baby Grand £2,995

Refurbished Weber baby grand piano in medium mahogany. This piano would be a lovely  piece of furniture in any living room as well as playing and sounding great. The 1920s piano was completely refurbished around 20 years ago with new strings and pins etc etc....

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