30 May Beginners piano £495

Very attractive beginners piano with the name Molyneux on the front - this is a British piano which has been refurbished at some point, sold at a special price as the tone is  below the standard required by a musician but perfect for a beginner....

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monington & weston

20 Feb Monington & Weston £950

Refurbished traditional compact piano in dark mahogany. Work done on this piano includes new felts, check and overhaul pedals, regulation, hammers refaced, tuning. The resulting piano is a very nice older piano suitable for a beginner....

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20 Feb Kemble £950

Kemble compact secondhand piano in light/medium mahogany. The piano is tuned to concert pitch with all works done to action to bring up to a good playing standard. it would suit the smaller home....

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26 Jan Zender £599

Very compact piano though with full number of octaves. Suitable for child as low keyboard height. Very good condition both as a playing instrument and pice of furniture. A bargain to be had....

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18 Jan Niemeyer £895

Reduced!v Modern three pedal Niemeyer piano in good condition. Case is medium walnut. Great beginners piano, tuned to concert pitch and regulated etc....

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25 Nov Rippen piano £995 SALE

Rippen piano  with three pedals in very good condition. Rippen were an innovative firm. They were  renowned for their "floating soundboard" which is not glued to the body of the piano in the bass end, allowing for a more resonant tone....

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